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July 2018 Archives

Study identifies trade fraud as growing problem

A global marketplace means that many products in Texas come from foreign countries. Unfortunately, trade fraud has become a widespread problem, according to a recent study. False records allow companies to avoid import duties, denying the government millions of dollars in revenue, and fake goods sometimes endanger consumers. From 2000 to 2016, federal cases against criminal importers rose by 900 percent.

Eyewitness errors a factor in many wrongful convictions

Since as far back as the 1930s at least, researchers have chronicled inaccuracy issues related to eyewitness identification. For people in Texas who are charged with crimes, a misidentification by an eyewitness can be difficult to overcome at trial. A theme among researchers is that memory is not the same as a tape recording. Memory can be influenced by events that occur later, even including things like the body language of police during lineups.

East Texas traffic stop produces over 8 pounds of marijuana

A state trooper suspected the presence of drugs in a 2008 Chrysler sedan during a traffic stop on U.S. Highway 59 in Angelina County. The trooper based the suspicion on a conversation with the 28-year-old male driver. After requesting the support of a police drug dog, a search of the vehicle ensued.

Why you should never plead guilty to theft in San Antonio

If law enforcement charges you with the crime of theft, you will face a number of choices, including whether to enter a guilty plea and avoid trial. You may think that pleading guilty to theft is the quickest and easiest way to resolve your case, but it can actually open up severe consequences that can hinder you in your life for many years to come. There are several reasons why you should never plead to theft in San Antonio.

About hate crime investigations

Texas residents who have been victims of hate crimes should be aware that the Civil Rights Program of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is tasked with investigating such crimes. Every year, the agency investigates hundreds of hate crimes and makes efforts to identify and prevent additional incidents by using public outreach, associations with various community groups and law enforcement training.