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May 2017 Archives

3 things to remember about drunk driving this weekend

During holiday weekends like Memorial Day, Texas law enforcement agencies typically ramp up enforcement of various offenses, including drunk driving; this Memorial Day is no different. It was recently announced that all weekend-long, Texas police will be cracking down on pulling over drivers suspected of drunk driving.

How alcohol affects the teen brain

Many San Antonio teens believe it is all fun and games to drink alcohol until someone gets behind the wheel, crashes a car and dies. Some teens do not realize the dangers of drinking until they are facing an underage DWI charge. They may assume that because they have seen their parents and others drink, there is nothing for them to be concerned about. Little do they realize that alcohol does not affect their brains the same as it affects adult brains.

Federal prosecutors directed to pursue harsher sentences

There are about 190,000 people in federal prison, and sadly, this number could be growing again after years of decline. The anticipated growth comes in response to a recent announcement by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has reversed the course of action regarding federal criminal charges and use of mandatory minimums.

Misguided attempt at problem solving ends with criminal charges

In the heat of an argument, people often say or do things they wish they could take back. Unfortunately, this is not possible, especially if someone calls the police during or after the dispute. Under these circumstances, a fight between you and someone else can become a fight between you and the criminal justice system.

3 types of Internet crimes that lead to serious penalties

It is easy to make the mistake of thinking that anything you do online can quickly be erased or concealed behind an anonymous account name. However, state and local government agencies devote massive resources to investigating cyber crimes and identifying any person involved in criminal activity involving computers. In other words, virtual misconduct has very real penalties.