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March 2018 Archives

Iranian hackers charged with cyber attack on universities

A group of nine state-sponsored Iranian computer hackers has been charged with a wide-ranging scheme to infiltrate the computer systems of American universities according to a statement released by the U.S. Department of Justice. The deputy director announced that the hackers also broke into the network of a law firm in addition to the universities targeted.

What is extortion?

It's no secret that the taking of property that belongs to another is a crime. Theft and burglary are typically the crimes related to property that first come to mind for most people. However, another fairly common crime related to illegally obtained property or money is extortion. Texas law treats extortion as a felony, and the consequences are severe.

Texas leads nation in exonerations after false drug convictions

The national rate of exonerations in criminal cases has dropped along with the number of exonerations in Texas, particularly in Harris County. The county was home to a number of criminal exonerations over the years after testing showed that a number of defendants convicted of drug charges were actually innocent. While the county has continued to sort through past cases, it has found fewer wrongful convictions in recent years as many of the highest-priority cases were previously addressed.

Large-scale arrests target heroin in Texas

There were 17 people arrested in Texas in late February 2018, accused of being members of the Barrio Azteca gang, reported Texas Department of Public Safety officials, who held a news conference to announce the arrests. The arrests are related to drug charges and came as part of what Texas police referred to as "Operation Heroin Battle." The arrests involved a number of state and national law enforcement departments, including local agencies, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, federal Drug Enforcement Agency, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and Homeland Security.

More than 20 people taken into custody on drug charges

Texas officials say some of the 23 suspects they have taken into custody on drug-related charges have ties with the Aryan Brotherhood. Deputies began their undercover operation in October 2016 as a way to find methamphetamine dealers instead of users. According to law enforcement, the dealers were selling black tar heroin as well.