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More than 20 people taken into custody on drug charges

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2018 | Uncategorized

Texas officials say some of the 23 suspects they have taken into custody on drug-related charges have ties with the Aryan Brotherhood. Deputies began their undercover operation in October 2016 as a way to find methamphetamine dealers instead of users. According to law enforcement, the dealers were selling black tar heroin as well.

On Feb. 16, law enforcement served 24 warrants for 20 people. Those 20 faces charges of possession or manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance. In addition, deputies took three more people into custody and charged them with possession. Deputies also seized methamphetamine, marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

A press release says that taking these people into custody concludes the investigation’s first phase. The operation was run by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, and the Coryell County Sheriff’s Office helped with serving the warrants.

People who are facing drug charges, whether they are for more serious charges such as manufacture and distribution or for possession, might want to consult an attorney. All types of drug charges may have serious legal consequences as well as other repercussions. An attorney may look into whether a person’s rights have been violated. For example, if law enforcement had not obtained warrants or had taken other action that violated the civil rights of the people in the Texas raid, some of the evidence might have declared inadmissible. In some cases, these actions could lead to a case being dismissed. If law enforcement acted correctly, a person may still have a choice of a plea bargain or going to trial. A plea bargain might allow a person to serve a lighter sentence after pleading guilty to lesser charges.

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