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April 2016 Archives

Blood alcohol content results still pending re university student

Police in Texas arrested a student from the University of Houston after he was allegedly involved in a fatal car accident. Charged with intoxicated manslaughter, the student was recently denied bail, meaning that he will currently be held in police custody at least until he hires counsel, a stipulation handed down by the judge. His blood alcohol content at the time of the wreck has still not been confirmed.

Agriculture commissioner investigated for white collar crime

Texas' agriculture commissioner Sid Miller is currently under investigation for allegedly misusing taxpayer money. No charges regarding the white collar crime have been filed yet, but it is possible that the investigation will eventually yield criminal repercussions. Currently, the investigation is following suspicions that he abused his official capacity.

Federal drug charges filed against former Texas police officer

A drug seizure eventually led to the arrest of a Texas police officer involved in the process. No longer employed with the police department, the former officer is facing federal drug charges for trafficking. He is also facing at least one additional criminal charge for allegedly receiving compensation for his actions.

Texas teacher says misdemeanor charge unfounded

Grades are an important tool for determining scholarship eligibility, and students and parents alike can be understandably upset when grades do not stack up. One Texas teacher says that a student's family went far beyond disappointed and actually took action to have the grade unfairly changed. She claims the family's actions ultimately led to a misdemeanor charge being filed against her.

Pilot with United Airlines arrested for state crime charges

Authorities in Texas recently filed charges related to what they say was a significant prostitution ring being headed by a professional pilot. The 51-year-old pilot for United Airlines was arrested in connection with multiple brothels that operated in one of Texas' major cities. He is now facing state crime charges for promoting prostitution and engaging in organized crime.