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July 2016 Archives

Pokemon Go threat prompts felony charge

The popular Pokemon Go app has made headlines all across America as players attempt to catch virtual creatures with their smart phones. Some of the most recent news related to the app focused on a felony charge filed by Texas police officers for what they called a terroristic threat. The defendant was arrested after allegedly threatening to take violent action against players who participate in the game.

Sexual assault charges filed against Texas man

Police claim that social media was used by a defendant in order to make initial contact with three of his alleged victims. Charged with sexual assault, the Texas man has yet to post his $665,000 bond and is currently still in police custody. He is also facing a single count of robbery in addition to the assault allegations.

Facing multiple state crime charges? You need our help.

Being accused of committing a crime is often an emotionally volatile time that can be further complicated when multiple criminal allegations are involved. Defense strategies that are appropriate for drug charges are not necessarily the most effective for juvenile or sexual offenses. Because of this, Texas defendants who are facing multiple state crime charges of various natures usually require the careful guidance of attorneys familiar with defending against many different allegations.

Multiple Texas educators charged with sexual assault

Although the school term has ended and most Texas students are enjoying their summer vacations, educators across the state are being charged for inappropriate actions that allegedly took place while school was still in session. At least five different educators have recently been charged on various allegations of sexual assault and child molestation involving students. Another teacher was charged for receiving child pornography and, although he is no longer employed, the school where he taught stressed that none of his students were harmed.