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Facing multiple state crime charges? You need our help.

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2016 | Uncategorized

Being accused of committing a crime is often an emotionally volatile time that can be further complicated when multiple criminal allegations are involved. Defense strategies that are appropriate for drug charges are not necessarily the most effective for juvenile or sexual offenses. Because of this, Texas defendants who are facing multiple state crime charges of various natures usually require the careful guidance of attorneys familiar with defending against many different allegations.

While months-long investigations that lead to multiple drug charges tend to make the news, this is not necessarily how most drug-related allegations surface. In many instances, drug charges are the result of traffic stops or other type of innocuous encounters. However, this does not mean that the discovery of alleged drug-related materials was necessarily legal. Many defendants are surprised to learn that the evidence being used to prosecute them was illegally seized.

Sexual offenses might also involve the possibly illegal seizure of certain evidence, but defending against these types of charges also requires a significant understanding of sex crime laws. This is especially true when charges of sexual assault or indecency involve a minor. Sex crimes can also cover a wide range of different crimes, from public lewdness to rape or prostitution.

Many defendants in Texas end up facing multiple charges that are not necessarily similar to one another, even when the allegations surfaced from the same incident. Differences in criminal laws mean that various state crime charges have different implications for jail time, fines and defendants’ futures. Learn more about our firm’s record of defending clients against these and other criminal charges on our website.