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What you must know if you are falsely accused of a sex crime

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2024 | Blog, Sex Crimes

Being accused of a sex crime is a serious situation to find yourself in. But what if you are innocent? What if you never committed the crime they are accusing you of?

Unfortunately, false accusations happen from time to time, and it is essential to know what to do if you ever find yourself in this difficult situation, especially in Texas.

Innocent until proven guilty

First, it is absolutely normal to feel a range of emotions, including fear and anger, if someone accuses you of a crime you did not commit. This act can have a lasting impact on anyone’s life. Remember, though, that everyone is innocent until the law says they are not.

This means that, unless the state charges and convicts you of a crime, the law presumes you are innocent. While this is true in the courtroom, it may not be the case in the court of public opinion, which may make you feel intimidated, especially if people think you are a sex offender.

Things to do

  • It is critical to know what to do if faced with this situation, because every step matters. If someone accuses you of a sex crime you did not commit, the first thing to do is stay calm. Do not panic or lash out.
  • Reach out to a criminal defense attorney who has experience in these serious matters. These cases are complicated, and it is critical to have someone by your side who knows what they are doing.
  • Do not speak with anyone except your attorney. Plenty of people are going to want to speak with you and some of them will even act friendly, just to get information. Do not speak to anyone.
  • Gather any evidence you have that proves you did not commit the crime and do so quietly. If you suspected this would happen and gathered evidence over time, that is even better.
  • Prepare yourself for probes, investigations, and court proceedings, which are usually lengthy and slow. Cooperate with your attorney and try to truly show in your body language that you did not do this.
  • Understand how the legal process works. It is important to know the entire process before you begin, so you know what will happen and in which stage you are in. Sometimes your case may hit a roadblock and that is fine.
  • If any part of the legal process confuses you, ask your attorney. They will answer all the questions you have and support you in your journey,
  • Do not speak with media outlets or anyone publicly unless your attorney says you should. If an attorney thinks this will help you protect your reputation, they will let you know.
  • Practice self-care as often as you can. If you are out on bail and at home, make sure you do things that calm you down and do not add further stress to your life. Being falsely accused of a crime, especially a sexual crime, is a grave situation, and it is understandable to feel terrified and alone.

If someone falsely accuses you of a sex crime in Texas, you could find yourself in hot water. Moving through the court system, even if you are innocent, requires competent legal guidance and support due to the complexity of these cases. Be patient, trust your attorney, and follow their instructions so you can have the best chance at proving your innocence.