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May 2018 Archives

57 white supremacist members busted in Texas drug sting

Fifty-seven Texas white supremacist members have been charged with crimes related to drug trafficking and kidnapping conspiracy according to federal authorities. Of the defendants charged, 42 were arrested in late April, 9 of them were already in custody for unrelated crimes, and 6 are still at large. The charges were announced on April 30.

Information technology has made stalking more common

One in six women and one in 19 men around the country have been plagued by a stalker at least once according to a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the data suggests that the perpetrators in the vast majority of these cases in Texas and across the U.S. were individuals who the victims either knew or had been romantically involved with. Only one in eight female stalking victims reported being harassed by a stranger.

3 types of theft charges

Facing any kind of criminal charge is a bad situation. In addition to the obvious threat of incarceration and financial penalty, charges can make it difficult to find employment and even preclude you from housing in some areas. This is certainly true if the judge finds you guilty; a conviction will show up on background checks and Google searches, and those consequences will follow you for your whole life.

Father and son charged for transporting marijuana

On May 3, Texas authorities took a father and son into custody after accusing them of transporting a large amount of marijuana and cash. The arrest occurred after authorities received a tip about potentially suspicious activity in a San Marcos apartment complex.