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How To Handle Being Charged With Theft

Being accused of theft can be frightening, from the first confrontation with law enforcement to the realization that you could face life-changing penalties if you are convicted.

Keep this in mind: regardless of your reason for stealing – if you actually did commit the crime you’re being accused of – you have the right to criminal defense representation. An experienced attorney can fight to have charges dismissed, reduced or with minimal penalties.

At the San Antonio, Texas, criminal defense Law Office of Anthony B. Cantrell, we have been protecting the rights of people arrested for theft since 1989. We believe that your freedom matters, so we will vigorously defend you in pursuit of the best possible outcome.

Call us at 210-888-9653 to schedule your confidential consultation regarding theft defense. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Definition Of Theft In Texas

The Texas penal code’s definition of theft is all-encompassing, covering a wide range of activities. Not only does it include basic forms of theft, but other actions that people may not be aware are illegal before they are stopped by a store’s loss prevention specialists or are questioned by the police.

Section 31.03. says, “A person commits an offense if he unlawfully appropriates property with intent to deprive the owner of property.” One of the key pieces of this definition is “unlawfully appropriates.” This is not limited to taking. It may also include many forms of deception or fraud, and even actions like switching price tags on items. The penal code also addresses possessing, distributing or selling stolen goods, and possession or distribution of instruments used to commit retail theft.

Effectively Defending Against All Theft Crimes

An important piece of advice for anyone who is being confronted by police or store loss prevention specialists: You have the right to remain silent. The less that you say, the less that can possibly be turned and used against you in a theft case.

Convictions for burglary, robbery, and other theft charges can result in far-reaching penalties, from fines to years behind bars in the most serious cases. Further, even a relatively minor theft charge on your record could have a serious impact on your ability to gain employment in Texas. Immediate action is absolutely necessary to protect your future from these major repercussions.

Police and prosecutors often have strong evidence supporting these charges, and the defense options may seem limited on the surface. However, be aware that there may be options. It is our job to find them. For example, was the evidence against you obtained legally, or were your rights violated? Such violations can lead to evidence being thrown out. Sometimes, police and prosecutors will present evidence as being strong, such as videotapes, but when we review those tapes they don’t actually show anything clearly.

We routinely meet with people who have been charged with theft crimes. Even in cases where the evidence seems strong and impossible to challenge, clients come to our law firm because of our demonstrated skill obtaining positive results even the most difficult cases.

We have extensive experience handling all types of theft crimes, including:

Providing Representation That Is Personally Tailored To Your Circumstances

Your criminal defense representation in any theft case must be tailored to fit your individual circumstances.

When the evidence is clear, your representation may not focus on obtaining an acquittal for the charges, but simply mitigating the consequences of these charges. San Antonio defense lawyer Anthony Cantrell as more than 30 years of experience defending clients against a variety of state and federal crimes. He can effectively handle pre-trial negotiations with prosecutors and skillfully present your case to the judge or jury responsible for making decisions regarding your future.

Talk To A Theft Defense Lawyer Today

If the evidence can be contested, or if the police violated your rights to obtain evidence – we’ll make sure that these issues are addressed. We will fight to protect your rights, your future and your freedom. Put our experience on your side right away. Contact us by email or call 210-888-9653today.