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Drug Information – Ecstasy

What does Ecstasy look like?
Ecstasy can come in a capsule or powder, but it’s more often a tablet. Tablets can be any color. Ecstasy tablets vary in strength and sometimes have symbols embossed on them.

What are the street names for Ecstasy?
E, XTC, Rolls, Adam, Hug Drug, Disco Biscuits, White Doves, New Yorkers, Love Drug, Clarity, Lover’s Speed.

Why would someone use Ecstasy?
You may be told that Ecstasy will bring more fun to your life, but it is more likely to bring depression or an out of control feeling. The high may last 6 hours, but the unpleasant after effects may last 24 hours or more. People who use ecstasy are told that it will make them feel relaxed and euphoric.

Physical Effects of Ecstasy
Ecstasy causes many physical problems including: muscle tension, involuntary jaw clenching, cracked tooth enamel, worn teeth, and jaw problems, nausea, headache, blurred vision, chills and sweating, acne-like rash on the face and neck, lost body control, fainting, tremors, dehydration, high blood pressure, body temperature up to 110, elevated heart rate.

Psychological Effects of Ecstasy
Ecstasy causes these mental, emotional, and social problems: hallucinations, confusion, depression, suicidal thoughts, sleep problems, drug cravings, poor decision-making ability, getting into fights or accidents, anxiety and paranoia, violent, irrational behavior.

Permanent Damage
Ecstasy can destroy brain cell. Researchers have found that use can permanently damage the parts of the brain necessary for pleasure, memory, and critical thinking. Other permanent problems can include kidney failure, liver damage, heart attack, stroke, seizures and death.

Other Problems Caused by Ecstasy
Hangover after using Ecstasy is inevitable. Users have headaches and depression, and they are exhausted. Ecstasy is psychologically addictive. Ecstasy abusers feel irritable, sick, and they crave more. The more people use, the sicker they get.

Ecstasy can make people do things they regret later. Taking Ecstasy can cause users to lose their self control and others may take advantage of them. Date rape, pregnancy, or sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS are greater risks. Ecstasy also impairs coordination and makes it difficult to estimate distances, so driving is hazardous.

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