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Criminal Convictions and Immigration

If you are arrested for a crime and are an immigrant, it is important that you seek advice from an attorney as soon as possible. Conviction for a crime will likely result in deportation if you do not have an advocate with experience fighting deportation.

At the Law Office of Anthony B. Cantrell, we have experience providing deportation defense to immigrants in Texas. We can protect your rights, provide you with skilled defense against criminal charges and help you avoid deportation.

What Crimes Lead to Deportation?

A conviction can lead to deportation if it is a conviction for a crime involving moral turpitude (CIMT). “Moral turpitude” is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of crimes. In general, it includes crimes where an individual was harmed, property was stolen or there was fraud.

Many federal and state crimes fall under this wide umbrella, including:

  • Violent crimes such as murder, homicide and assault
  • Sex crimes such as sexual assault
  • Theft crimes, including robbery and embezzlement
  • Fraud and forgery

Not all crimes are crimes of moral turpitude, however. There are some minor crimes and misdemeanors that will not result in deportation. Trespassing, for example, is a minor crime that does not involve moral turpitude.

We can help you determine if your crime involves moral turpitude. If it does, we can work to have the charges against you reduced so that you can stay in the U.S. We will explore all options available to help you avoid deportation.

Talk to an Experienced Attorney About You Case

At our firm, our primary focus is on criminal defense, but we also handle immigration issues. This means that we have the knowledge and resources to help you with all aspects of your case. Contact our firm to set up a free initial consultation with an attorney. Contact us online or call us at 210-888-9653.