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San Antonio Traffic Ticket Warrants Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Anthony B. Cantrell, we represent clients in all types of traffic violation cases and offer advice and counsel when a warrant has been issued for an arrest. If you received a traffic ticket and now there is a warrant out for your arrest, call our law firm at 210-888-9653 to learn how we can help.

Information About Traffic Ticket Warrants

Individuals who receive a traffic ticket for any number of traffic violations receive a court appearance date when presented with a traffic ticket. Signing the ticket does not mean that the individual is pleading guilty (however, paying the traffic ticket does). Rather, signing the ticket means that the individual promises to make the court appearance date.

If the individual fails to pay the ticket or take other legal action, he or she may face arrest. Another possible result is failure to appear charges, which may lead to a warrant for arrest. In Texas, there are two main types of traffic ticket warrants:

  • Alias warrants: This is issued when the driver fails to take action after receiving a traffic ticket.
  • Capias warrants: This civil warrant is issued when the driver fails to comply with a court order.

We can help you deal with both kinds of warrants. The issue may be resolved through something as simple as paying a fine and appearing in court. However, issues can and do often get more complicated. This is why having an attorney at your side can be extremely beneficial.

Failure to appear: If you fail to appear in court, a warrant for your arrest for failure to appear may be issued and you may face additional charges.

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