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Defending You From Disorderly Conduct Charges In Texas

Have you been arrested for disorderly conduct? Are you unsure of your rights or where to turn for help? Although you may only face a $500 fine (unless a gun is involved), a conviction will end up on your permanent record, impairing your job prospects and your relationships. If you live in or near New Braunfels or San Antonio, a disorderly conduct defense attorney is available to help you.

Fighting For Your Freedom After An Arrest For Disturbing The Peace

At the Law Offices of Anthony B. Cantrell, our lawyer has more than 30 years of experience in Texas defending clients from all types of criminal charges. You are not just another number to us. Protecting your rights and your freedom are our primary goals, and we will work aggressively on your behalf, fighting the prosecution every step of the way.

For a charge of disorderly conduct to stick, the prosecution must prove that you intentionally and knowingly did something wrong. Some examples of wrongful conduct that may lead to a criminal charge include:

  • Using profane language or gestures in a public area
  • Creating a lot of noise or a terrible smell in a public place or near someone else’s home
  • Displaying or shooting a gun in a public place — you don’t have to actually hit anything
  • Peeping into someone’s home or a private area, such as a public restroom or shower stall
  • Verbally abusing or threatening someone, which can also lead to an assault charge
  • Fighting in public

Act Now To Preserve Your Rights

It is important to contact a lawyer right away after an arrest, even if you think the charges may be dropped. Based on the unique circumstances of your case, we will be begin working on your defense strategy within 24 hours to help guide you to a successful result.

Contact us at the Law Offices of Anthony B. Cantrell by calling 866-604-7814 toll free or by sending us an email. Your initial consultation is free, and we offer Spanish translation services.