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Criminal Record Expungement

At the San Antonio criminal defense Law Office of Anthony B. Cantrell , we won’t tell you it’s easy to get your record expunged. Under current Texas law, some convictions may not be able to be cleared.

If your case is dismissed for insufficient evidence, or you are acquitted, you may have the record of your arrest and trial expunged.

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For certain classes of level C misdemeanors, you may be able to expunge the record even if you were convicted. However, if you received probation on any kind of case, cannot expunge the record.

Juveniles may be able to seal record, preventing the general public from reviewing it.

Protecting your future from the negative impact a conviction will have on your record is important. Attorney Anthony Cantrell will explain the expungement process and help you protect your promising future.

Are you considering ways to expunge your criminal record?
Would a clear criminal record protect your promising future?

Contact us at the Texas expungement attorney’s office of Anthony B. Cantrell to start the process. We won’t tell you it’s a lock. But we will do the best we can to clear your record and protect your future.

Record Expungement and Clearing Your Criminal Record:.

Contact Our Law Firm to Speak with a Texas Attorney Familiar With the Expungement Process

For more information about how to expunge a criminal record of a conviction, contact the criminal defense attorney’s offices of the Law Office of Anthony B. Cantrell for a free consultation. Protect your future from the impact of a conviction on your record.