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September 2017 Archives

Texas man charged with murder of ex-wife

A 44-year-old Texas man is facing charges of first-degree murder after his ex-wife's body was discovered. The 37-year-old woman disappeared as Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, and her body was found in Chambers County. She was last seen on Aug. 25 in her boyfriend's living room. She left to go pick up her children from her ex-husband with whom she shared custody. Her family became alarmed when after she sent some text messages, they did not hear from her again.

Why you need an experienced lawyer to deal with DUI charges

Many people tend to underestimate the gravity of what they consider to be minor criminal charges. After all, they reason, this is just a DUI and nobody got hurt. They feel finding and retaining a highly qualified defense attorney could be a waste of time and money.

Man accused of transporting cocaine between cities

On Sept. 8, a Texas man was taken into custody after he was accused of transporting cocaine between Austin and Houston. Authorities had reportedly known about the 38-year-old man and had been receiving information about his role in a potential drug trafficking organization for some time.