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May 2016 Archives

Allegedly fake doctor might be on the hook for white collar crime

A woman is accused of falsely presenting herself as a doctor, although the clinic that she operates is currently still open and seeing patients. An investigation by Texas police and the Drug Enforcement Agency was prompted by claims that the woman had stolen the identity of a doctor -- a white collar crime. Although it does not appear as if any criminal charges have been filed yet, she could possibly face significant consequences based on the findings of the ongoing investigation.

Drug distribution allegations cited in indictment

The popularity of synthetic drugs has risen over recent years, and police have devoted more of their time and resources to those believed to be involved with them. Texas police recently charged 16 people on drug distribution allegations. Authorities claim that those involved had the intent to distribute some synthetic drugs that were in their possession.

FBI investigation leads to mail fraud charges for Texas educators

The growing number of standardized tests has caused increase stress for students and educators alike, but recently filed criminal charges claim that one Texas school district did not handle the stress all that well. Five educators from one of the state's school districts are charged with conspiring to commit mail fraud, among other allegations. A federal grand jury recently indicted all five of the educators.

Protect your rights with an effective criminal defense

If you have been charged with a crime, your future and freedom are on the line. Even if the charges against you are seemingly minor, a conviction can carry penalties that may have a major impact on several areas of your life. In order to protect your best interests, it is prudent to see to it that a criminal defense is uniquely tailored to your individual goals.