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Allegedly fake doctor might be on the hook for white collar crime

On Behalf of | May 25, 2016 | White Collar Crimes

A woman is accused of falsely presenting herself as a doctor, although the clinic that she operates is currently still open and seeing patients. An investigation by Texas police and the Drug Enforcement Agency was prompted by claims that the woman had stolen the identity of a doctor — a white collar crime. Although it does not appear as if any criminal charges have been filed yet, she could possibly face significant consequences based on the findings of the ongoing investigation.

According to a former patient, the main doctor at the clinic claimed to be a survivor of stage IV cancer that she had ultimately cured herself. That same patient claims that she shelled out $650 per treatment that cost hundreds of dollars less in a different state. Her partner allegedly researched her background on the internet and came to his own conclusion that she had possibly stolen another person’s identity in order to cash in on cancer treatments.

Local police utilized a recently executed search warrant to further its investigation alongside the DEA. Little information from the investigation has been made available to the public. The patient who spoke out about the cost of her alternative cancer treatment also expressed disappointment in the fact that the clinic has thus far remained open, and made further assertions that she had almost died while in their care.

Posing as a doctor is an understandably serious allegation that might anger cancer patients currently undergoing treatment, whether in Texas or elsewhere. While an emotional reaction to this type of white collar crime is understandable, mere allegations are never proof of guilt. Each and every defendant in Texas has the right to the presumption of his or her innocence throughout criminal process, including the investigation and any subsequent trial court proceedings.

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