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What Happens If I Am Arrested In Texas? What Should I Do??

When facing an arrest, especially related to a drug crime, the confusion and fear can be overwhelming. Here at the Law Offices of Anthony B. Cantrell, we provide clear guidance and robust defense for our clients in San Antonio and Bexar County. We understand how critical it is to act swiftly to protect your rights and your future.

Do you believe that you are going to be arrested? Have you or someone you love already been arrested and you are unsure of the next steps? San Antonio criminal defense attorney Anthony B. Cantrell is ready to demystify the process and stand by your side.

What To Expect After An Arrest

Immediately following an arrest, the situation can feel like a whirlwind. Police officers will read you the Miranda warning, which informs you of the right to remain silent and the right to have an attorney. The arresting officer will take you to the police station for processing, which involves steps such as fingerprinting and taking a photograph of you. Within 48 hours, you will appear before a judge who will set a bond. You will also receive the date of your future court hearing.

The first few days after an arrest is a critical period. The decisions you make can significantly impact your case’s outcome. We cannot emphasize the importance of contacting a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Navigating The Post-Arrest Period: Do’s And Don’ts

After an arrest, it’s crucial to know what actions can help or hinder your case. Here’s a brief guide:

  • Don’t:
    • Resist arrest, get physical with the officer, or try to flee the scene.
    • Answer questions without a lawyer present.
    • Consent to a search of your bag, car or home.
    • Argue or be rude to the arresting officer.
  • Do:
    • Remain calm and respectful.
    • Cooperate with instructions.
    • Invoke your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.
    • Request a criminal defense attorney immediately.

The importance of securing legal representation cannot be overstated – do it fast.

Call An Experienced San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyer Immediately

At the Law Offices of Anthony B. Cantrell, we are dedicated to defending your rights and securing the lightest outcome for your case. Don’t face the criminal justice system alone. Contact us at 210-888-9653 or send us an email to schedule a consultation with a committed San Antonio criminal defense lawyer.