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October 2017 Archives

Dallas to implement cite and release marijuana policy

Efforts to decriminalize recreational marijuana use have failed to gain much traction in Texas at the state level, but some localities are taking steps of their own to reduce the burden on the courts and allow law enforcement to concentrate on more serious crimes. Starting on Dec. 1, police in Dallas will be implementing a cite and release policy that changes the way that individuals found to be in possession of less than four ounces of the drug are treated. Instead of being arrested and taken to jail, they will be issued a citation and released pending a court date.

Drug possession arrests skyrocket with little positive effect

Each year, many Texans are arrested for possessing drugs. While the Department of Justice has announced a renewed focus on drug crimes, arrests had not fallen off before the current administration. One consistent theme with drug possession arrests is that they do not help to curb drug abuse and actually cause more social problems.

Pilot sentenced to 3 years for transporting drugs in plane

On Sept. 22, it was reported that a Texas pilot who pleaded guilty to drug charges was sentenced to three years in federal prison. The Department of Justice said that the Austin pilot was caught transporting at least 200 pounds of marijuana from Oregon to Texas.