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August 2016 Archives

Charges for drunk driving filed after rollover wreck

Texas police filed criminal charges against a driver who they claim was intoxicated while behind the wheel of his motor vehicle. Still in police custody, he has been charged with intoxicated manslaughter for allegedly causing a fatal drunk driving accident. The man, however, claims that he was not the one driving at the time of the wreck.

Fraternity party ends in drug charges and student's death

A college party ended in the arrest of four students from Texas A&M and the death of one other. The arrests do not appear to be related to the death of the student. Instead, they are centered on various drug charges. The student's cause of death has still yet to be determined.

Father faces felony charge for leaving daughter in hot car

A Texas father is expected to surrender himself into police custody after an arrest warrant was issued for him. He is facing a felony charge for forgetting his young child inside of his car for a short period of time. Although the young girl was not injured, police are not taking the matter lightly.

Fatal accident leads to drunk driving charges for Texas student

A Texas woman was recently charged in a fatal car accident that police suspect might have involved alcohol. She is currently facing drunk driving-related charges for the wreck, including intoxicated assault and intoxicated manslaughter, both of which are felonies. Authorities believe that she had been drinking alcohol earlier that day.

Mother faces state crime charges for passing out in parking lot

Police in Texas recently took a woman into custody after discovering her lying unconscious in a parking lot. Her state crime charges include public intoxication and child endangerment, and she is currently out on a $5,750 bond. Her son was initially placed in the care of the mother's friend, and it is not clear if he has been returned to her custody.