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Mother faces state crime charges for passing out in parking lot

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2016 | Uncategorized

Police in Texas recently took a woman into custody after discovering her lying unconscious in a parking lot. Her state crime charges include public intoxication and child endangerment, and she is currently out on a $5,750 bond. Her son was initially placed in the care of the mother’s friend, and it is not clear if he has been returned to her custody.

Police were called to the scene at about 10:30 p.m. when the 31-year-old was discovered unconscious in an area restaurant’s parking lot. The woman was not actually inside of her vehicle, but apparently lying nearby in a patch of grass. The front door on the driver’s side was open, and her son was inside of the vehicle in the backseat. Police did not clarify if the child was strapped into a safety seat.

Initial attempts to rouse the woman were apparently unsuccessful, and when she eventually came to, police claim that she appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. They also noted that the boy was unharmed. However, there was some concern regarding the young child’s body temperature because his skin was hot, and he was sweating. The temperature outside of the vehicle was around 83 degrees at the time of the incident.

Child endangerment is a serious allegation under Texas state law, the consequences for which can be severe. Aside from the very real possibility of jail time and fines if convicted, many parents worry about losing custody of their children. Most defendants hope to minimize the impact of these state crime charges by first reviewing all charges and evidence under the careful guidance of their respective counsel. Taking this important step usually helps defendants achieve the best outcomes possible.

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