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March 2016 Archives

Texas police arrest Lyft driver on DWI charges

Police in Texas recently arrested a Lyft driver while he was in the process of transporting a passenger. The driver was charged with a DWI after apparently failing a field sobriety test. Although at this stage he is simply accused of driving under the influence and has not been found guilty, his connection with the driving service Lyft was severed.

President of Texas fraternity arrested for sexual assault

Authorities in Texas recently arrested a local college student for allegedly taking advantage of another student while she was intoxicated. The sexual assault charges were filed after a fraternity party took place at an off-campus house. Although he was originally taken to an area jail, he has since posted $50,000 bond.

Securities fraud common but not only type of fraud

Fraud is a term that is commonly thrown around to describe a variety of behaviors, not all of them specifically criminal. When it comes to white collar crimes, fraud tends to have a very specific meaning, although it can be applied to a variety of situations. Whether a Texas resident is facing insurance fraud allegations or securities fraud charges, both of these fall under the larger umbrella of white collar crimes.

Sexual assault charges filed against candidate for constable

A candidate for the position of Texas constable is currently behind bars after being indicted on sexual misconduct. The sexual assault charges include allegations of inappropriate touching of a minor. He has so far been arrested twice since the beginning of the New Year.