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Multiple Texas educators charged with sexual assault

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2016 | Sex Crimes

Although the school term has ended and most Texas students are enjoying their summer vacations, educators across the state are being charged for inappropriate actions that allegedly took place while school was still in session. At least five different educators have recently been charged on various allegations of sexual assault and child molestation involving students. Another teacher was charged for receiving child pornography and, although he is no longer employed, the school where he taught stressed that none of his students were harmed.

A 38-year-old former teacher was fired from his culinary arts position after he was accused of engaging inappropriate behavior with one of his students. The relationship was apparently uncovered by the victim’s girlfriend, who showed text message conversations between the teacher and the male student to the police. Police claim that the teacher and his student initially swapped phone numbers back in 2015, and the pair supposedly ran errands with one another before engaging in sexual activity in the teacher’s apartment.

A 26-year-old science teacher and football coach at a different high school faces the revocation of his teaching credentials for his criminal charges. Aside from losing his credentials, he could also potentially spend 10 years behind bars if he is convicted on his felony charge for having an improper relationship with a student. The student involved in the relationship was apparently 16 at the time, and the pair purportedly engaged in multiple acts of sexual intercourse.

Charges related to sexual assault are taken quite seriously in Texas, and this is especially so when the allegations involve a minor or an inappropriate relationship between a teacher and a student. Accused educators face not only fines and jail time, but also the loss of their reputations and futures within their chosen career field. When hoping to minimize these possible impacts, defendants typically elect to design a defense based on a thorough review of the charges that was conducted alongside their respective counsels.

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