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Texas man charged after traffic stop yields 138 pounds of drugs

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2018 | Drug Charges

The Austin Police Department reported stopping a vehicle that allegedly contained 50 pounds of methamphetamine, 82 pounds of cocaine and 6 pounds of heroin. They calculated the street value of the banned drugs at $4.8 million.

According to the police report, a 43-year-old man from Weslaco was driving the vehicle. Officers claim that they initiated a traffic stop because the man was speeding and the car did not have a front license plate. Officers chose to bring in a police dog to sniff for drugs, and the dog reportedly indicated the presence of narcotics.

A search of the vehicle revealed that the metal casings of the car tires contained moon-shaped steel compartments welded to all four tire casings, allegedly to hold drugs. After police arrested the man, he was charged with possession of the controlled substances with the intention of delivering them. Authorities continue to detain him at the Travis County Jail.

A conviction on drug charges often produces serious consequences. A person caught up in accusations of drug trafficking has a right to legal representation. A criminal defense attorney might challenge prosecution based on evidence gained through an unlawful search and seizure. If evidence appears legitimate, an attorney may still question the person’s association with the alleged crime and seek a reduction of charges. An attorney’s evaluation of the strength of evidence may help a person choose how to enter a plea. Legal representation might lead to a plea deal that replaces jail time with participation in a drug diversion program. For a case that goes to trial, an attorney may strive to convince jurors to acquit the person of charges.

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