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East Texas traffic stop produces over 8 pounds of marijuana

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2018 | Drug Charges

A state trooper suspected the presence of drugs in a 2008 Chrysler sedan during a traffic stop on U.S. Highway 59 in Angelina County. The trooper based the suspicion on a conversation with the 28-year-old male driver. After requesting the support of a police drug dog, a search of the vehicle ensued.

Police reported finding 8.5 pounds of marijuana in the car’s trunk. Officers also claim to have seized over 1 pound of pills that contained a controlled substance and over 50 grams of a controlled substance in liquid form.

Police discovered that the driver had an existing arrest warrant issued by Montgomery County for unlawful possession of a gun by a felon. The driver and his 27-year-old passenger were arrested and detained in the Angelina County Jail.

When a situation like this befalls a person, the services of a criminal defense attorney may help buffer the person from aggressive prosecution. Authorities generally apply as many drug charges as possible. An attorney acting on behalf of the person might challenge some charges like drug manufacturing or distribution if the evidence cannot clearly support them. This effort might result in a reduction of charges. If the case involved an unlawful search and seizure, an attorney may try to invalidate all of the evidence and gain a case dismissal. When evidence stands, an attorney might approach a prosecutor and attempt to broker a plea deal that limits penalties and possibly removes a felony charge. The advocacy of an attorney may help a person avoid the most serious consequences and make informed choices when answering questions in court.

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