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How to choose a criminal defense lawyer for your teen son

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2017 | Uncategorized

It is every parent’s nightmare: getting a call from the police station that your teenage son was arrested and faces criminal charges. While the ensuing emotions may be overwhelming, do not let them distract you from the most important issue. Your primary concern right now should be the legal process your teen will go through.


Criminal charges and convictions can make it difficult for your son to finish school, find employment and get into college. You want to avoid these consequences so you can focus on getting your teen the help he needs not to repeat the offense. This is why you need to choose a criminal defense lawyer with the following qualities.




When it comes to the judicial system, experience matters. You may have an attorney friend, but unless he or she has sufficient experience in defending juveniles, the person is not a good choice. Neither should you go with a new lawyer. A lower cost may be tempting, but it is not worth the risk of jeopardizing your son’s future.




Knowledge makes an experienced attorney the better choice. Lawyers who have handled many juvenile cases over the years have acquired valuable information on:


  •        Judges and their tendencies
  •        Prosecutors and their tactics
  •        The consequences of a conviction
  •        Available programs, treatments and other options


This familiarity allows them to know how to protect their clients’ records and avoid prosecution or a sentence to the Texas Youth Commission, which may be more harmful than helpful.




Experience does not matter if an attorney does not obtain the best possible outcome. Review the person’s success rate and talk to former clients for firsthand testimonials. Consider personality as well. You want strong representation balanced with genuine care for your teen’s welfare.


Keep these characteristics in mind as you choose your son’s juvenile defense attorney. This decision will affect your child’s future.