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Do not take being accused of white collar crime lightly

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2017 | Uncategorized

Financially successful Texas residents are often vilified for their business acumen and their ability to make money. As one of those people, you may shrug off any allegations that your methods are less than legal, but if you are accused of a white collar crime, do not take it lightly. The potential penalties, if you are convicted, could affect your freedom and your ability to obtain gainful employment in the future.

Many people scoff at the thought of white collar crime because it is ordinarily non-violent and is considered a “paper crime” by many. Images of people serving time in “Club Fed” most often accompany discussions of these crimes. However, any time spent in prison for such a crime alters personal and professional lives forever.

As soon as you begin to wonder whether you are under investigation, you should contact an attorney. You have rights even during the investigative process, and they need to be protected. If you do end up facing charges, the alleged evidence against you and any witness statements need to be scrutinized as soon as possible. The tactics used by investigators also need to be reviewed to determine whether proper procedures were followed. In addition, discussions with prosecutors regarding a potential dismissal or plea bargain can begin right away.

If your case goes to trial, you need a zealous advocate who will attempt to illustrate to the court that prosecutors are unable to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Both the federal and Texas governments take white collar crime seriously, and so should you. These cases are often complex and you should not attempt to deal with the charges alone.