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Drug charges for 4 Texas men after disturbance call

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2016 | Uncategorized

When unforeseen and seemingly unrelated circumstances lead to an arrest, the accused must be left wondering what went wrong. Certainly the mysterious reasons behind a police raid four hours east of San Antonio seem entirely baffling. Four Texas men now face a variety of drug charges as the result of police action for a completely different issue.

Officers from the Vidor Police Department responded to a pair of calls about a disturbance at a house. The calls both came at around 4:30 p.m. One caller claimed a woman was being raped, while the other reported a woman was being held against her wishes.

Although the officers did not find any women in jeopardy in the home, they did report observing alleged drug paraphernalia in plain sight. Other drug-related items were found in the home, including scales, pipes and needles. Quantities of methamphetamine, marijuana, LSD and ecstasy were also recovered. A large, covered cabinet was discovered, and upon opening it, the officers found an alleged marijuana grow operation. Three men now face a combined total of six drug-related charges, and a fourth man was arrested for parole violation.

The calls that prompted the raid played no obvious part in the arrests themselves. Irregularities in an investigation, arrest or processing are the sorts of things that might be looked to for the basis of a defense strategy. All drug charges are a serious matter and need to be treated as such. An attorney with a history of defending criminal cases in Texas can help.

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