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Accused of sexual assault, deputy faces charges

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2015 | Uncategorized

A local Texas deputy is one of at least seven individuals who have been accused of official oppression. Though perhaps not a charge with which all are familiar, it is a charge related to the use of one’s official status to oppress another person. Alleged incidents leading up to the most recent official oppression charge include at least one possible instance of sexual assault.

The deputy, who is no longer employed by the sheriff’s office, faces charges that stem from when he was still on the job. In addition to the official oppression charge, he has also been charged with bribery, although details of the incident leading to that charge are unclear. The former deputy is also suspected of offering to help a woman with her ongoing case if she agreed to perform certain sexual activities. These allegations also contributed to the county’s decision to terminate his employment. 

For those still unsure of what an official oppression charge actually constitutes, it is only applicable to public servants, such as police officers, jailers or other government officials. The charge can be applied in a somewhat broad manner, and could result from an officer making illegal arrests or conducting illegal searches, inappropriate sexual behavior or other misuses of his or her position. In recent years, at least six others from the same area were accused of official oppression, and at least one was acquitted.

For those who have committed their lives to serving the Texas public, it can be troubling to subsequently be charged with official oppression for alleged sexual assault. While some who have faced this charge have chosen to accept plea agreements, careful review of the charges and evidence can provide invaluable insight about how to proceed. For those who may not benefit from a plea deal, fighting the charges in court may be an appropriate course of action to take.

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