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Texas men face drug charges for alleged oxycodone distribution

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2015 | Uncategorized

A multi-agency investigation resulted in the arrest of two Texas men on multiple charges. Accused of illegally distributing prescription medications, they now face drug charges in Texas, although police also believe that the pair mailed some of the medication to other states. In addition to their charges for allegedly distributing controlled substances, one of the men also faces charges for money laundering, while the other has been accused of committing health care fraud. 

The men involved both work in fields related to health care. As a doctor, one of the two would supposedly receive upward of $240 for office visits, during which he would write a prescription for either hydrocodone or oxycodone. After the first in-office visit, the doctor is accused of telling his patients that they could receive additional prescriptions every 30 days without showing up, but they would still need to send in money for a visit.

After obtaining the prescription, police believe that the patients were then instructed to have their opiate pain relievers filled by the second man involved — a pharmacist and owner of a local pharmacy. When the patient received his or her prescription via a phone call and not an in-office visit, the prescription was apparently sent over to the pharmacy and then mailed to the patient. This allegation is likely why the U.S. Postal Inspection Service also aided in the investigation.

Both men were indicted by federal authorities, and they both surrendered voluntarily. However, what exactly the indictment addressed was initially unclear, as it remained sealed until the men turned themselves in. While some people in Texas may feel inclined to believe that surrendering to authorities is synonymous with guilt, this is simply not the case. A defendant’s innocence and rights must be maintained throughout the entirety of any investigation and subsequent trial court proceedings, during which the burden of proof for drug charges rests entirely upon the shoulders of the prosecution.

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