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Alleged sexual assault victim in Texas blames friend’s wife

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2014 | Uncategorized

Sexual assault is a charge that is typically thought of as being filed by a female victim against a male assailant. However, men can also be victims of sexual assault. A recent alleged assault in Texas illustrates the possibility.

In late October, a woman allegedly forced her way into the home of a friend of her husband’s during the night. The victim alleges that he was unaware of the woman’s presence until he awoke after feeling an individual on top of him. When he saw the female, he claims he immediately recognized her as the wife of one of his friends. Despite telling her to leave, he says that she continued to perform inappropriate and unwanted acts on him.

The victim reportedly had to resort to calling 911. While the state of the alleged assailant upon the arrival of law enforcement is unclear, the victim reported that she was in a state of undress when he turned on a flashlight in order to see his attacker. When law enforcement arrived, the female assailant was arrested and charged with burglary with the intent of committing sexual assault. This arrest was the fourth for the alleged assailant during the month of October.

Despite her previous arrests and the current sexual assault charge, the Texas woman’s right to a defense against her charges must be protected. Individuals facing criminal charges in Texas often have more than one option. Some choose to fight their accusations to the fullest extent of the law by taking their cases to trial, while others find more favorable outcomes from entering into plea deals.

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