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White collar crimes like forgery and fraud can be fought

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2014 | Uncategorized

Been accused of a white collar crime in Texas? Unfortunately, it isn’t unusual for a prosecutor to obtain evidence in such a way that is an obvious violation of your rights. Often, aggressive action is needed against these procedures. Even without any obvious trail or evidence, white collar crimes such as wire fraud or forgery can have serious implications.

Without the usual hard evidence associated with other criminal offenses, these types of allegations are typically in a league of their own. However, there is no one type of individual who is usually charged with such crimes. In fact, nearly anyone could be accused of committing them — not just business men working at large corporations. For instance, those accused of computer hacking don’t have to be working in an IT Department.

Those investigating these allegations usually have to dig hard and deep to find anything that they may believe to be relevant evidence. Even a simple and wholly innocent mistake made in important paperwork may be the springboard for accusations against you. We understand what it takes to mount a focused defense to these evidentiary issues.

How evidence is gathered can be as important to a criminal charge as what the evidence actually is. Illegally gathering evidence for an individual in Texas who has been accused of forgery may not actually do any good, as we understand what it takes to have evidence gathered in violation of your legal rights dismissed. For white collar crimes in particular, a vigorous and active defense can be the key to achieving a favorable result. If you’re unsure whether you’ve been arrested for a white collar crime, please visit our website to see what is included.