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Texas teacher facing state crime charges on paid leave

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2014 | Uncategorized

Although teachers are often elevated onto a pedestal, it is important to remember that they are still humans who make mistakes from time to time. A Texas middle school teacher has been accused of engaging in an inappropriate type of relationship with one of her students on his birthday. Details concerning the state crime charges she is facing are still under investigation.

The behavior in question apparently occurred at the end of class, after the bell had already rung. The charges allege that a chair was placed at the front of the room and a 15-year-old student was made to sit down. After a song started to play, the teacher is said to have given the student a lap dance.

The lap dance lasted for almost four minutes and was captured on video. The video apparently showed the teacher making contact with the student multiple times. She denied those claims and says that she simply slipped and lost her balance while walking around the student. According to her, the act in question was at the urging of her class, which subsequently made them laugh.

Although the boy admitted to Texas police that the lap dance occurred, the teacher, who is on paid leave until her case is over, has maintained that she was just circling the boy as he sat. However, state crime charges involving inappropriate behavior with a minor are generally treated with exceptional care and concern. The outcome of this teacher’s case may rely on both the video of the apparent inappropriate behavior as well as her claims of what actually occurred. The teacher will of course remainnocent unless proved guilty, and a strong defense could certainly succeed in relieving or reducing her charges.

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