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Texas man faces multiple drug charges after car search

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2014 | Uncategorized

Making the best choices for a situation after facing criminal charges could make a considerable difference in how a person’s circumstances play out. Finding out information on how to handle drug charges that an individual may be facing could possibly lead to options that an accused party may not have known were available. Therefore, exploring those legal options could be a prudent step in building a case.

A Texas man may be taking such steps after facing multiple allegations. According to reports, authorities were alerted to the man’s presence when they received reports that a man was allegedly sleeping in his vehicle at an intersection. After conducting a check of the suspect’s record, authorities purportedly discovered that the man had multiple warrants for his arrest.

Upon searching the vehicle, law enforcement allegedly found methamphetamines and several types of prescription medication. Authorities took the suspect into custody on several drug-related charges. Because the suspect was allegedly located near a high school, he also faces an additional charge of drug possession in a drug-free zone. His bond was set at $183,000.

Facing multiple drug charges could lead to serious consequences if the accused individual is convicted of the charges. Therefore, he may wish to better understand what legal options may be available to him. Texas laws regarding drug offenses could relay reliable information concerning criminal defense as well as plea bargains. Depending on the specific circumstances of his situation, the accused man may be able to use such knowledge to choose the most beneficial legal route.

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