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Woman faces drug charges after encounter with Texas police

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2013 | Uncategorized

Many arrests stem from an initial interaction with police that spirals out of control. Although Texas police may not have any reason to arrest an individual at first, an individual’s actions may lead to the suspicion police need in order to investigate the matter further. A Texas woman is now facing drug charges as well as other criminal offenses as a result of a run-in she had with police while she was walking down a Texas road.

Police claim to have originally approached the woman when they saw her walking in the roadway. When they identified the woman, it was found that she had several warrants out for her arrest. Police claim that when they attempted to put the woman into custody, she began to resist.

The woman started to run from the officers, and authorities used a Taser to subdue her. After placing the woman in custody, police claim to have found crack cocaine on her, as well as drug paraphernalia. The woman was booked on several charges and is currently being held in a local jail.

Although Texas police may claim to have the evidence necessary to submit their case to prosecutors, there may still be some question as to the validity of their actions. Only by looking closely at the officer’s conduct initially approaching the woman and whether they had a reason to detain her, can it be determined if their conduct followed Texas law. If it did not, there may be an argument that the officers initial detention of the woman was unlawful and that the drug charges that stemmed from their search should be dismissed.

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