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TxDOT urging people to ‘P.A.S.S.’ their keys to sober drivers during Super Bowl weekend

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2013 | Uncategorized

Chances are that you have already lined up your plans for Super Bowl XLVII. Perhaps you are going to a small gathering to watch the game with friends or a local restaurant to watch it in its full HD glory. Regardless of whatever your plans happen to be, there is a very good chance they will involve two football staples: food and alcohol.

However, officials with the Texas Depart of Transportation are urging all partygoers to exercise caution when it comes to alcohol consumption this coming Super Bowl weekend.

Specifically, TxDOT has officially re-launched an anti-drunk driving campaign that it introduced at the start of this year’s football season. Called “Know When to P.A.S.S.” (Person Appointed to Stay Sober), it essentially urges all people planning to consume alcohol while watching football to solidify their plans ahead of time.

“The problem with deciding once you start drinking is it’s not going to be as effective,” said TxDOT traffic safety specialist Terri Miller. “Have a plan. Get a safe ride home or determine that you are going to stay over. Those hosting parties should establish safe rides home or allow people to crash on the couch.”

While you may question the need for such a measure, consider the following statistics from TxDOT:

  • In 2009, 45 percent of people in Texas reported driving home after consuming alcohol at football parties
  • In 2012, Super Bowl Sunday saw 100 drunk driving crashes here in Texas resulting in 33 injuries and four fatalities

Furthermore, statistics have consistently shown that Super Bowl Sunday sees a spike in alcohol consumption, as both die hard and casual football fans alike turn out for the big game.

“We’re focusing on game day because there was a 13 percent increase in arrests during college home games,” said Miller. “The Super Bowl has its own distinction … it’s among the top five most consumed alcoholic beverage days.”

In light of these statistics and the fact that law enforcement officials are likely to be out in greater numbers, it would behoove people to exercise caution behind the wheel this coming weekend.

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