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4 things not to say during a DWI stop

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2019 | Uncategorized

As summer slowly turns to fall, you may be looking forward to Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. While there are a variety of ways to celebrate these holidays, you may choose to imbibe a little. If you do, you must be careful not to drive under the influence of alcohol. 

For several reasons, driving while intoxicated is a mistake. If you want to avoid a DWI charge, though, you must think about what you tell a police officer during a traffic stop. Here are four things you probably should not say: 

1. “I had a few drinks at dinner.” 

Officers often ask individuals they suspect of drunk driving if they have had a drink. Trying to downplay your intoxication by claiming only to have had a few drinks at dinner is not a good idea. This statement gives officers cause to test your blood alcohol concentration. Telling the officer that you do not wish to answer any questions is usually a better approach. 

2. “I took some medication.” 

If you think an officer suspects you of driving drunk, you may want to create a diversion by blaming prescription or over-the-counter medication. This approach does not usually work out well for intoxicated drivers. Remember, if you cannot safely operate a motor vehicle because you are under the influence of any substance, you can receive a DWI in Texas. 

3. “My friends drank more than I did.” 

Designated drivers save lives. Still, for such drivers to be both effective and legal, he or she must be sober. While your passengers may have consumed more alcohol than you did, telling the officer you have had alcohol is a good way to land yourself behind bars. 

4. “I am going to stop and sleep.” 

In Texas, you do not have to be driving to be guilty of a DWI. Climbing behind the wheel and passing out may put you in legal jeopardy. Pulling over to sleep off your buzz also does not remove criminal liability. Therefore, telling an officer you plan to stop and sleep indicates that you are either too drowsy or too drunk to drive. 

As you can see, making incriminating statements during a DWI stop is a bad idea. By understanding what not to say when talking with police officers, you increase your chances of avoiding a drunk driving charge.