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3 ways you may accidentally incriminate yourself

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2019 | Uncategorized

Facing criminal charges is overwhelming and complicated, especially if this is your first time in legal trouble. There is a lot to worry about to ensure you can obtain the best possible outcome. You may feel desperate to do anything that will make it be over as quickly as possible.

However, being too cooperative or open can work against you. You may end up unintentionally incriminating yourself in any of these three ways.

1. Social media posts

Social media tends to do more harm than good, particularly when you are dealing with criminal charges. Your updates, photos, locations and other details can provide incriminating evidence to the prosecution and poke holes in your alibi. They can even be the cause for further charges if they reveal additional criminal activity. Be aware that nothing you share online is 100% private or erasable, so do not rely on settings and deletions for security.

2. Misplaced trust

You know the good cop/bad cop routine from movies and TV shows and may think you can handle it. However, law enforcement is thoroughly trained in getting you to speak. The officers speaking with you may insist they are trying to help you avoid consequences or may lie about the evidence they have against you to get you to confess. The only person truly on your side is your attorney, so do not interact with the police without your attorney present.

3. Conversations in jail

If you must spend time in jail during the proceedings of your case, be careful what you say to loved ones on the phone. Every conversation is recorded and can become accessible to the prosecution. Loved ones may even voluntarily give up the information you share.

Likewise, watch what you tell other inmates. People may be looking for ways to improve their situation by offering information about you to prosecutors. The unfortunate truth is that it is best to err on the side of caution when it comes to trusting anybody at this time.