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Man faces capital murder charges in 2-person shooting

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | Violent Crimes

A Texas man has been charged with capital murder for allegedly shooting his wife and a friend to death at the couple’s home on June 10. Authorities were reportedly called to the Poth home, located in the 400 block of Carrol Street, at about 12:30 a.m.

The accused man, age 21, was detained in order to be questioned about the incident. He was later accused of perpetrating the incident and was charged with capital murder of multiple persons as a result. He was being held on a $1 million bond at Wilson County Jail.

Neighbors said that the couple moved into the residence about one year prior to the incident. One neighbor reportedly heard gunshots and screams before notifying the police. Authorities said that they had received a few calls to the home for minor issues; however, none of the calls were for domestic violence.

In Texas, the potential punishment for murder could include a lengthy prison sentence. In some cases, an offender could face even face life in prison or the death penalty. Those who face shorter prison sentences may also be saddled with supervised release and a criminal record that prevents them from obtaining future employment.

Depending on the evidence against the accused person, a criminal law attorney might utilize a variety of resources to help defend the client against the allegations. The defense may include testimony from forensic specialists, such as ballistics experts. The attorney could also request private autopsies, ballistic tests and even blood spatter analysis. In some cases, legal counsel will attempt to have some evidence be deemed inadmissible in court if it was not handled properly.