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Former Texas high school principal facing drug charges

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2018 | Uncategorized

Three people in Amarillo were taken into custody on drug charges on April 24, including the former principal of Sunray High School. Police in Amarillo came to a hotel on Western Plaza Drive after hearing complaints of trespassers in the area at around 2:30 a.m.

When police entered the room, they found a 51-year-old man, a 44-year-old man and a 31-year-old woman, and officials claim that they saw drugs in plain sight. They say that they seized methamphetamine, marijuana and drug paraphernalia from the hotel room before arresting the three occupants.

The 44-year-old man and 31-year-old woman are facing a series of drug charges, including manufacture and delivery of more than 400 grams of a controlled substance in penalty Group I and possession of more than 4 ounces but less than 5 pounds of marijuana. In addition, the 51-year-old man, the former Sunray High School principal, is charged with possession of more than 1 gram but less than 4 grams of a controlled substance in penalty Group I.

After news of the arrests was publicly reported, the Sunray Independent School District issued a press release noting that the 51-year-old man had resigned on December 6, 2017, and was removed from his position on March 27, three months before his resignation was to take effect. In addition, the press release noted that the man was suspended from his job and barred from school district property.

People who are facing drug charges in Texas could see serious consequences if convicted, including jail or prison time, expensive fines and a damaging criminal record. A criminal defense attorney may help people accused of drug crimes to challenge the evidence against them and question improper police behavior. A lawyer might be able to help their clients avoid a conviction and achieve the best possible outcome.