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Grow house found in Texas home

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2018 | Uncategorized

A couple faces felony charges after a drug raid on a house near Dripping Springs. Deputies executed a search warrant in Hays County on Jan. 31 and took a young woman into custody after finding around 150 marijuana plants. Her alleged accomplice was taken into custody on Feb. 5. The two face charges for felony possession as well as manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance.

Deputies were tipped off about the grow house and found what was described as an elaborate operation involving marijuana, methamphetamine and psilocybin mushrooms. The woman has a record from a string of vehicle break-ins in Hays County. Those prior offenses might be used to enhance her sentence if found guilty of the drug charges.

Manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance is the standard charge in Texas for people accused of drug dealing. The potential punishment varies according to the category of controlled substance and amount of drugs involved. Convictions of some offenses involve long prison sentences including life behind bars, and fines can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. The existence of prior convictions is a factor used by judges and prosecutors to increase penalties within the applicable range for a given offense. In order to get a conviction in situations involving the execution of search warrants, the warrant itself must withstand scrutiny, and the methods in which it was carried out must be proven lawful. If a warrant is shown to be defective, the results of the search might be thrown out of court.

Drug charges can carry long-lasting implications to the offender. For this reason, law enforcement must be held to high standards. An experienced criminal defense lawyer may evaluate the potential for conviction and recommend either fighting the case or negotiating the best possible plea under the circumstances if a conviction seems likely.