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3 holiday-related offenses that can jeopardize your future

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2017 | Uncategorized

Fourth of July is right around the corner. And as is the case with other holidays, police across Texas will be focused on stopping and arresting people for certain crimes that are particularly prevalent during Independence Day.

What this means is that if you engage in any of the following types of criminal behaviors, you could be more likely to get arrested and face criminal charges.

  1. Drunk driving: Law enforcement agencies across Texas are ramping up and extending efforts to stop and arrest drunk drivers, as the Fourth of July typically results in a spike in drunk drivers. Some areas are adding patrols; others are running No Refusal Initiatives to enhance evidence collection efforts. Across the state, police will be on the lookout for drunk drivers and highly motivated to make DWI arrests.
  2. Violent crime: Fourth of July often goes hand-in-hand with drinking, parties and gatherings of people who may not get along. These elements make it easy for tense situations to erupt into violence. This can include gun crimes, domestic assault and battery, which all come with serious consequences if a person is ultimately charged and convicted.
  3. Juvenile crime: Young people can also wind up in trouble during the holiday, as they may be less supervised. They might also wrongly assume that their actions will go unnoticed or unpunished when they are out of town or in a big group of people. Juveniles may be more likely to engage in underage drinking, trespassing, shoplifting and property crimes over the Fourth of July. 

In the event that you or your child winds up arrested for any of these serious offenses in the coming days, it is crucial that you act fast to protect yourself. You don’t have to wait until charges are filed or until a court date to address your situation. You can talk to an attorney right away who can help you understand your options, build a defense and respond accordingly.