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Drunk driving and major sporting events: a bad matchup

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2017 | Drunk Driving

This time of year is very exciting for sports fans across Texas. Between the start of the MLB season, the NHL Stanley Cup and the NBA finals, you’d be hard-pressed to find a day without some type of game to watch.

No matter what day it is or what type of game you are watching, chances are you will have a few drinks, as drinking and sports often go hand-in hand. This is true whether you are at home, in a bar or in a stadium. With this in mind, we urge Texas sports fans to consider a few pointers about drinking and driving.

  1. Be aware. With the increased opportunity for drinking could come an increased opportunity to be pulled over and charged with drunk driving. Especially around major sporting events, police often increase their patrols and focus efforts on stopping drunk drivers at the close of these games.
  2. Be prepared. If you plan to tailgate for a game or pre-party, studies show you are more likely to be intoxicated at the end of a game. Plan ahead by securing a sober ride home.
  3. Know your rights. If you are pulled over for suspected drunk driving, remember that you have rights, including protection from unreasonable searches and the right to consult an attorney before talking to police.

No matter where you watch a game or what type of game you are watching, it is a good idea to keep these tips in mind to avoid a drunk driving conviction, especially after a major sporting event.

Drinking and driving is never a good idea, and it can lead to serious penalties and accidents. However, people are not perfect; everyone makes mistakes and bad choices.

That being said, if you do end up handcuffed in the back of a police car for a drunk driving offense, then it is important that you take the situation seriously by talking to an attorney to assess your legal options.