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Social media invite leads to sexual assault charge for teacher

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2016 | Uncategorized

Persons in a position of trust and authority can sometimes end up in difficult situations because of the nature of their relationships with those in their care. Sometimes interactions occur that would be appropriate in other situations. Other times actions are misconstrued, while some incidents are mere accusations. Whatever the reason turns out to be, a Texas teacher ended up charged with sexual assault after allegedly having a relationship with one of her students. 

Police in Plano arrested the 23-year-old on Nov. 30. She is alleged to have carried on a brief sexual relationship with a 16-year-old male student. The boy reportedly left his Snapchat user ID on a math test, which the teacher found and allegedly used to contact him. The two are alleged to have met in a park a few days after the initial contact, and the meeting apparently evolved into a sexual encounter.

Sometime within the following two weeks, the pair are alleged to have had sex a second time, this time at her apartment. This was the first of several alleged encounters in the apartment. Their most recent encounter is alleged to have occurred Nov. 4. The teacher resigned from the school in October. She was charged with sexual assault and was held in jail until she posted a $100,000 bond on Dec. 1.

The truth of the matter has yet to be established. However, the damage to the teacher’s reputation has already been done, and she now faces prison time, as well. A thorough investigation and a skillful defense will be necessary for her to have her best chance in court. Any man or woman accused of sexual assault would do well to hire a lawyer with a history of taking on serious cases like this in Texas.

Source: CBS News, “Police: Texas teacher Alaina Ferguson had sex with student after Snapchat encounter“, Dec. 5, 2016