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Former instructor accused of sex crimes with high school students

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2016 | Uncategorized

In a familiar story heard repeatedly in 2016, a school instructor has been accused of engaging inappropriate behaviour with young students. In each case, the mere accusation of sex crimes being committed against a minor can be incredibly damaging to the career of the accused. In this latest case, a now former Texas high school instructor faces an uncertain future after charges were recently filed against him.

The 43-year-old man had been an ROTC instructor at a high school in the Houston area. When the allegations first became known in October, the man quit his job at the school. Documents shown in court suggest the man sent inappropriate text messages, including nude photographs of himself, to at least three students at the school. It also alleged in the court documents that the man had sexual intercourse with at least one student.

The charges he now faces include employing, authorizing or inducing a child into a sexual performance, sexual assault of a child age 14 to 17 and online solicitation of a minor. Five charges have been filed against the man. As of yet, however, no arrest has been made.

In this era of electronic communication, evidence of wrongdoing that comes in the form of a text message or email must be thoroughly reviewed to ensure its validity. At this point in the proceedings, even though no arrest has happened, it is not too early for the accused to consider legal counsel. A man or woman accused of sex crimes, especially against a minor, needs to defend him or herself as strongly as possible. Working with a lawyer experienced with similar cases in Texas might be the best route to a positive conclusion.

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