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Long sentences for repeat DWI offenders becoming the norm

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2016 | Uncategorized

Being arrested for drunk driving is a serious situation. Judges and juries do not take such charges lightly, though sentences are not always severe for a first offence. However, for those with multiple DWI convictions, the courts of the state of Texas seem to be trying to send an extra strong message lately. 

In early Oct. 2016, a 64 year-old San Marcos man was sentenced to 99 years in prison after being found guilty of drunk driving. It was his eighth DWI conviction since 1983. The Assistant District Attorney prosecuting the case believed the stiff sentence was the only way to prevent the man from ever driving under the influence again. This recent sentencing was not an isolated incident.

In June 2016, a Montgomery County man was given a life sentence following his eighth conviction for impaired driving after running into a pickup truck driven by a teenager and then trying to hide himself from authorities. Additionally, a 44-year old man arrested after a fatal accident in Texas in May 2015 was handed down six life sentences. It was his sixth DWI conviction.

A criminal conviction has the power to change a man or woman’s life. Being found guilty of impaired driving can lead to a license suspension or potentially prison time. For anyone facing a possible repeat conviction for DWI, it is clearly more important than ever to have a strong defense. Any individual charged with drunk driving in Texas should consider using the services of a criminal defense lawyer who is experienced in handling similar cases.

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