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Superintendent suspended after arrest on drug possession

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2016 | Uncategorized

Criminal charges have been filed against a Texas superintendent that many believe to be reason for the rejuvenation of a failing school district. Accused of drug possession, the superintendent was arrested during a traffic stop. He has since posted his $250 bond and was released by authorities.

Police claim that they discovered marijuana in the 52-year-old man’s car during what was an otherwise routine traffic stop. At one point, attending officers apparently asked the superintendent to step out of his car and noticed him trying to dispose of a small bag as he did so. The plastic bag supposedly contained less than two ounces of marijuana, some rolling papers and a device used for grinding.

He has since been placed on paid leave from his job as superintendent, which he was permanently appointed to in Feb. 2015 after temporarily serving in an interim capacity. The school district has said little else regarding the matter. The superintendent, however, has expressed his regret over the situation, noting that the struggling district has improved much over the years and that he is not pleased with the potential negative attention that this might bring.

Drug possession is a serious matter in Texas, and many defendants feel understandably overwhelmed when faced with these types of accusations. This is true even when the charges are for a seemingly small offense. Defendants can usually put their minds at ease while also preparing to handle their allegations by taking the time to first thoroughly review their charges, related evidence and the potential consequences of a conviction.

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