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Money laundering charges filed against affluenza mom

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2016 | White Collar Crimes

The notorious affluenza case brought national attention to Texas on multiple occasions, perhaps most recently when the affluenza teen and his mother were accused of fleeing the country. Initially, the mother was criminally charged for allegedly aiding her son with his flight, but at least one additional charge has been filed since then. Added by a grand jury, she is accused of committing money laundering.

These charges stem from a Dec. 2015 incident, in which her son was apparently depicted in video that showed him drinking alcohol. This was an apparent violation of the boy’s probation. He and his mother then drove a pickup south until they arrived across the border, and they continued to avoid authorities for another two or so weeks. In Jan. 2016, the mother was deported back to Texas and released on bond.

A strict curfew was an apparent condition of her bonded release, although it was recently eased. In what turned out to be the mother’s first appearance in court since a grand jury charged her for her alleged involvement in her son’s fleeing, a district judge agreed to ease the curfew in order to make it easier for her to find gainful employment. The exact details of the curfew were not immediately made clear.

Money laundering is considered a white collar crime, which typically carries especially severe consequences. If convicted, she could possibly face 10 years behind bars. When Texas defendants are faced with such severe possibilities, there is usually no such thing as “too soon” when it comes to preparing a defense strategy. By taking timely action to address charges and evidence, most defendants can achieve the most favorable outcome for their own unique situations.

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