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Over 100 people indicted on state crime charges for shooting

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2015 | Uncategorized

Alleged members of various biker gangs made national news after a shooting incident in Texas, and a grand jury recently indicted the vast majority who were arrested that day. In total, 186 individuals have been indicted for the shooting deaths of nine people and for the injuries suffered by others who were present at the time. Current state crime charges include allegations of taking part in an organized criminal activity, with both murder and assault listed as underlying offenses.

The most recent indictment brought an additional 106 people forward to face charges for the shootout. Of those 106, at least nine people were not actually arrested on the day that the shooting took place, and it is unclear what led prosecutors to levy these allegations against them. One expert speculates that those individuals were either present that day and then left prior to police arrival, or that police might suspect that they played some type of organizational role in the shooting.

At least 97 of the 106 in the recent indictment have already been released on bond. It does not appear as though any firm court date has been set, although it is likely that those facing the harshest charges will be first to appear in court. However, as the investigation is still ongoing, it is possible that additional charges can still be filed.

The majority of the people who are facing state crime charges in this case have been accused of being involved in criminal activity, which carries severe penalties by itself. However, with the addition of murder as an underlying offense, a conviction for this charge could result in a sentence of anywhere from 15 years all the way up to life behind bars. By contrast, sentencing on a murder conviction alone ranges from a term of five years to life in prison. Defendants in Texas can typically benefit from considering all possible defense options in as timely a manner as possible. When approached alongside respective counsel, this approach can be especially useful for achieving the best outcome possible.

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